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Lia Car Freshener

Lia Car Freshener
Weight 9ml
Fragrances Floral Desire, Citrus, Aqua Dream, French Lavender

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Press and open the back flap of the diffuser. Unscrew the cap of fragrance bottle. Insert the bottle upright into the diffuser. Close the back flap and ensure that the diffuser shuts with a click. Fix the device into the highest slot of the AC vent and ensure that the vent clip is properly fixed to the vent. If AC vent is vertical then the cilp can be removed and adjusted accordingly. Periodically check to ensure that the diffuser is in upright position. Set the regulator of the device at the required level of intensity.


To prevent leakage, keep the bottle in an upright position and do not attach it to a tilted vent. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Do not swallow the fragrance oil. Do not install, adjust or remove while driving. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Bring the freshness of nature in your car with Lia car fresheners. Jerk-proof bottle console ensures that the fragrance bottle does not fall off even in unfavorable road conditions. Fits all A/C vents. Last for minimum 60 days.

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