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IRIS Diffuser Oil

1 Ltr. diffuser oil in a Aluminium Can..

Rs2,000 Ex Tax: Rs2,000

IRIS Flower Diffuser

Box containing Sola Flower reed diffuser, blue ceramic pot with 60 ml diffuser oil...

Rs500 Ex Tax: Rs500

IRIS Fragrance Gift Pack

Box containing one stoneware Pot, 8 reed Sticks, 60ml Reed Diffuser oil, 50gm of Potpourri in a tran..

Rs600 Ex Tax: Rs600

IRIS Fragrance Pouch

Fragrant Pouch with 40g eva beads in a beautiful Satin Pouch..

Rs175 Ex Tax: Rs175

IRIS Fragrance Sachet

Fragrance sachet with vermiculite powder which gently release fragrance in the air. They are ideal f..

Rs50 Ex Tax: Rs50

IRIS Fragrance Vapouriser

Pack containing one ceramic jar, 10ml oil & 2 tealights. Vaporizers are a great way to fragrance..

Rs350 Ex Tax: Rs350

IRIS Fragrance Vapouriser

Pack containing one ceramic vapouriser, 5ml oil & 2 tealights. Vapourisers are a great way to fr..

Rs275 Ex Tax: Rs275

IRIS Fragrance Vapouriser

Small ceramic vaporizer with 5ml oil...

Rs225 Ex Tax: Rs225

IRIS Handcrafted Incense Sticks

20 numbers of handcrafted incense sticks from IRIS...

Rs40 Ex Tax: Rs40

IRIS Pillow Mister

Fragrance Spray For Blissful Sleep. The pillow mister is a blend of natural Lavender and Fennel, whi..

Rs225 Ex Tax: Rs225

IRIS Potpourri Refreshner Spray

100 ml bottle of potpourri refreshner spray..

Rs250 Ex Tax: Rs250

IRIS Potpourri with Cane Basket

50 gms potpourri in a beautiful hand crafted cane basket encased in decorative net fabric.*Bottle in..

Rs200 Ex Tax: Rs200

IRIS Reed Diffuser

One glass jar with 6 numbers reed sticks of 10 inch and 100ml reed diffuser oil...

Rs650 Ex Tax: Rs650

IRIS Reed Diffuser

Box containing ceramic Diffuser, 8 reed sticks , 60 ml diffuser oil bottle, Cork attached to the nec..

Rs450 Ex Tax: Rs450