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Family Pack

Vasu Family Pack Agarbathies is a set of three fragrances – Kumkum, Kasturi and Manjal. Discover wha..

Rs40 Ex Tax: Rs40

Loban Sambrani

The enchanting fragrance of loban gets a synergic twist with the combination of the divine scents of..

Rs12 Ex Tax: Rs12


Maha Vasu Agarbathies a celestial creation is a beautiful melange of fruity and floral fragrances al..

Rs22 Ex Tax: Rs22


Every day of our life is a celebration. Every dawn and dusk, every little happiness, the reason to b..

Rs20 Ex Tax: Rs20

Varnam New


The vibrant Indian culture manifests itself through a plethora of beliefs, emotions and overarching ..

Rs12 Ex Tax: Rs12

Vasu 100

Vasu 100 Agarbathies is an exquisite blend of 2 fragrances, floral and musky. Just as the sun-kissed..

Rs12 Ex Tax: Rs12