Change From 'Being Stuck'
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Being stuck is a horrible feeling. Be it in traffic, be it in your job, be it in a relationship or be it in your life–there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck. In a perfect scenario, no one would ever get stuck. But then life isn’t a perfect scenario. It is a game with cheat codes. And the cheat code for this game happens to be–change.

Everyone finds themselves stuck at one point or the other–in a deadlock between how things are and how they should be. Some of us don’t like our habits and some of us don’t like ourselves. We often think about changing. But then as thinking, contemplating beings, we also ruminate about the implications of change and if it is even possible. A plethora of thoughts restricts us from changing. The uprising of our limiting thoughts often begins with: I wish I had better grades in college. I wish I hadn’t gotten married so young. I wish I had never started smoking. I wish I had taken better care of my skin. And ending with: It’s too late now. What’s done is done. I must live with the decisions I have made.     

We counter and recounter ourselves to the extent of either getting bored from all the thinking or wishing for a time machine to go back in time and undo a bunch of stuff. Meanwhile, listlessness sets up the house as we moon over the time went by and the chances lost. And all this because between changing and staying put we always choose the latter.  

Change is scary. Stepping out of one’s safe albeit boring territory and diving into the unknown can be terrifying. But then, the flipside is scarier i.e. being stuck. This is where we need to realise that change is intrinsic to our existence. It is inevitable and is in fact, the only thing that is constant.

Instead of wondering what could have been had we done this or that in the past, we must alter our now. For the pros of embracing change, though subtle, are unbelievable. Here are a few:

Puts us back in control

When we live life as it comes to us, it’s like taking the bus. But when we embrace change, it gives us the freedom of choice and instantly puts us in the driver’s seat (of your own Porsche, preferably). The idea that we can change anything opens a room of opportunities and unveils new horizons. The reins of your life come back into your hands. And what’s better than being in control of our lives? Well, nothing.   

Age doesn’t matter

When it comes to altering something, we often give ourselves the excuse of time or our age. Its either I’m too old to change now or It’s too late to change. Whereas the fact of the matter is, change is not correlated with age. It is to do with courage. Plain simple courage. You can start making music at 50. You can do an MBA at 40. You can start eating healthy at 35. When we embrace all the good things that come with change, age ceases to matter.        

Quality of life improves

When we get over the fear of the unknown, we are able to live fully. We become content and happier people. The nagging feeling of hopelessness disappears as positivity seeps in with every new idea. When change doesn’t scare us, we actively strive to explore new things. We become adventurers of our own minds.  

It’s never too late to alter your life. Turn it around and make it the way you want. Pivot when you want to. Don’t be afraid. Be excited about the change. No matter who you are and what you do, you can change. After all, they did say you can be anything. Didn’t they?

Mallika Singh
Written by Mallika Singh for Soulveda.
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