You’re in pain? Don’t look around for an answer. Try some self-analysis this time–maybe the answer is within.

Everyone has baggage. It could be the loss of a loved one, betrayal, heartbreak or a traumatic experience. While most of us struggle with our emotional issues, few others pick up their baggage and stroll leisurely through life.

So, what is it that these people seem to have and you don’t? The answer is quite simple–closure.

Most people aren’t able to get over the pain and it has nothing to do with its intensity. It is the way we treat it. Denying its existence does more damage than good, pretending to be strong doesn’t help either and feeling sorry for ourselves is the worst thing to do. When we resort to measures like these, the pain doesn’t stop; it heals for the time being, and then without warning, returns with a vengeance.

The closure is a point that has to be reached. And so, let’s take it step by step.

Let the baggage go

Acceptance is the biggest and most crucial part of getting rid of your baggage. Stop denying what happened to you. It could be embarrassing or awkward but once you say it, you will feel better. Stand in front of a mirror and say it out loud.

Don’t suppress emotions

Never try to suppress emotions. You want to cry, then cry. You want to scream, then scream. Take your own time. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Write down what you feel. Your diary will not judge you. Do not hold back and you will feel the difference.

Make a plan

You need a plan. A plan that makes you happy and pushes you to get up and work on it. Get involved in something you believe in–start painting, make music, join dance classes, or start a venture–do what makes you happy. Don’t hold back, plan away to your heart’s content.

Live your life

Don’t stop dead in your tracks. Keep doing what you’re doing, but in the background, in your mind–wait. Time heals the deepest of wounds. Scars will remain but the pain will dull over time.

Well, that’s that. And just in case nothing works–live by these three words ‘Everything is temporary’.

Mallika Singh
Written by Mallika Singh for Soulveda.
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