How To Avoid Procrastination - Simple Techniques

Whether it is reading a book, doing laundry, taking a solo trip or learning to play an instrument, somehow, we are always surrounded by unfinished tasks.

Putting off everything until ‘tomorrow’ or ‘hopefully soon’ is usually what we do. We have gotten into a lifelong relationship with what should have been our enemy–procrastination.

The question is why.

Idling away

At times loafing is what leads to that mountain of undone tasks. We while away our time watching TV and scrolling through social media websites. While the task at hand is delayed indefinitely.

Here is a trick. Use the carrot on a stick method. Promise yourself a reward for every task completed.

Uninteresting tasks

Some activities just don’t seem appealing. It could be going to the gym, making powerpoint presentations, cutting vegetables or buying groceries. However mundane the activity, there is always a way to make it interesting.

Put on some music, make a game out of it, find someone to accompany you or get a friendly competitor.

Impractical goals

Sometimes we set ourselves unrealistic goals. When the target looks unreachable, dropping it midway is an impulse.

Why not break the goal down into achievable tasks?


Self-doubt arises from fear of failure. It is one of the biggest reasons why people tend to not pursue their interests or complete the tasks at hand. We’d rather put off the job than fail at it. When we procrastinate, the fear becomes monumental and a rather simple task seems humongous.

Stand up to your fear and get right down to it. What’s the worst that can happen?


Sometimes we get stuck on one task, taking too long to finish it, leaving the other activities hanging. For one thing to be perfect, we end up sacrificing others. It is essential to accept that perfection is subjective.

Set a standard and stick to it. Don’t nitpick.

Team Soulveda
Written by Team Soulveda.
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