It takes all kinds to make this world–ultimate optimists, sulky pessimists, happy-go-lucky fellas and of course, the ‘difficult’ folks, who could very well be–you, her or me.

Dealing with positive, life-affirming individuals is a piece of cake but it is dealing with the ‘difficult’ people that is no picnic, or so we think. The easiest thing would be to either ignore or avoid them. However, taking the tougher route of trying to understand them, giving them margins and making a genuine attempt at getting along with them can bring us a step closer to an ideal world.

There are ways in which we can bring a change, both in those who are being difficult and our perception of them.

Hear me out

People are not inherently bad. When they seem difficult, most likely, they are struggling and they may say or do things out of anger, desperation or helplessness. Step into their shoes, hear them out. Talking things out always helps resolve issues.

Kill with kindness

Blaming and pointing fingers can cause a person to withdraw into their shell. Kindness, on the other hand, encourages a person in a difficult state of mind to think beyond themselves. The idea that they are not alone in this world, and someone understands them can turn even the worst attitudes around.

Give it time

A seemingly difficult person will not have a change of heart overnight. Even when armed with insight and support from friends, one would need time to think things through and alter their attitude.

Being compassionate and yet detached allows you to not be emotionally vulnerable yourself and view the entire situation objectively.

You, her or me–we all have the ability to be a better version of our ‘difficult’ selves. It is possible. Look beyond the obvious. Build bridges, not barriers.

Team Soulveda
Written by Team Soulveda.
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