Govatsa Dwadashi / Nandini Vrat / Vasu Baras - How to celebrate

Govatsa Dwadashi is an exclusive Hindu festival which is dedicated to worshipping the cows. They are worshipped with the gesture of thanksgiving for helping us sustain human lives. Govatsa Dwadashi is also known as ‘Nandini Vrat’ and is observed on the Dwadashi (12th day) of the Krishna Paksha in the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. In Maharashtra, Govatsa Dwadashi is celebrated as 'Vasu Baras'.

While giving offerings to the cow, it is recommended to chant the following mantra:


Surasuranskriteya |

Sarvademaya Matarghanadharya

Namo Namah ||

Meaning of the mantra

Oh holy cow which emerged at the time of the churning of the ocean, the one who is worshipped by both gods and demons, I bow my head in front of you. Kindly accept the offerings made to you.

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