Kharchi Puja is one of the most popular festivals of Tripura, India. Performed in Agartala (now Puran Agratala), in the temple of 14 gods.

It is a week-long festival that starts on the 8th day of the new moon and 15 days after Ambu Bachi. Kharchi Puja literally translates to – worship of mother Earth; “Khya” meaning the earth.

It is a festival believed to be performed to cleanse the mother Earth and no activity like sowing, tilling etc are performed during this period. The gods are bathed in the river Saidra and placed back in the temple.

While the members of Chantai generally carry the gods, both tribal and non-tribal people join the large fair which has many cultural programs.

It is another unique way in which Indians and people of Tripura celebrate – not just a festival but the very nature they live in.

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