On 7th October 2019  is the ninth day of Navaratri. On this day devotees worship Goddess Siddhidatri.

Watch the video for the procedure to perform puja on the ninth day of Navratri.

Goddess Siddhidatri is the ninth form of the Goddess Durga. Siddhi means supernatural power or meditative ability, and Dhatri means giver or awarder.


सिद्धगन्धर्वयक्षाघैरसुरैरमरैरपि ।

सेव्यमाना सदा भूयात् सिद्धिदा सिद्धिदायिनी ॥

Siddha Gandharva Yakshdyairasurairamarairapi |

Sevyamaanaa Sadabhuyaat Siddhida Siddhidayini ||

Meaning of the Mantra

Goddess Siddhidatri who is worshipped by siddha, gandharva, yaksh, gods, demons, holds a conch, chakra, mace and a lotus in her hands, giver of all siddhis and victories, kindly provide me with success.

The colour to be worn on the ninth day is purple. The colour purple holds healing powers and symbolizes blissfulness. Offer sweets made out of sesame seeds to the goddess. It is believed that worshipping the goddess blesses the devotees with prosperity, health and abundance of wealth.

Cycle Pure Agarbathies wishes you a blessed Navaratri.

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