According to the Hindu Calendar, there are two Chaturthi Tithis every lunar month. These tithis belong to Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. 

The Chaturthi which falls after the new moon or Amavasya is known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. Also known by the name of Varad Vinayaka Chaturthi, it means “asking Lord to fulfill all the desires one has.” It is believed that observing this day, Lord Ganesha blesses his devotees with wisdom and patience as well as removes all the obstacles from their lives.

On instructions on how to perform Vinayaka Chaturthi Puja, refer to the video.

While invoking the lord by Avahana, chant the following mantra:

He Heramba Tvamehyehi Hyambikatryambakatmaja |

Siddhi Buddhi Pate Tryaksha Lakshalabha Pituh Pitah |

Nagasyam Nagaharam Tvam Ganarajam Chaturbhujam |

Bhushitam Svayudhaudavyaih Pashankushaparashvadhaih |

Avahayami Pujartham Rakshartham Cha Mam Kritoh 

Ihagatya Grihana Tvam Pujam Yagam Cha Raksha Me|

Om Siddhi-Buddhi Sahitaya Shri Mahaganadhipataye Namah |

Avahayami Sthapayami ||

During Prathishthapan, chant the following mantra:

Asyai Pranah Prathishthantu Asyai Pranaksharantu Cha |

Asyai Devatvamarchayai Mamaheti Cha Kashchana |

Om Siddhi-Budhi Sahitaya Shri Mahaganadhipataye Namah |

Suprathishto Varado Bhava ||

While offering flowers to the lord, chant the following mantra:

Vichitraratnakhachitam Divyastaranasamyutam |

Swarna Simhasanam Charu Grihana Guhagraja ||

Om Siddhi-Buddhi Sahitaya Shri Mahaganadhipataye Namah |

Asanam Samarpayami ||

While giving snana (bathing of the lord), chant the following mantra:

Naramada Chandrabhagadi Gangasangasjairjalaih |

Snani Tosi Maya Deva Vighnasagham Nivaraya ||

Om Siddhi-Buddhi Sahitaya Shri Mahaganadhipataye Namah |

Sarvanga Snanam Samarpayami ||

While offering Akshata, chant the following mantra:

Akshatashcha Sura Shrestha Kumkumalah Sushobhitah |

Maya Nivedita Bhaktaya Grihana Parameshwara ||

Om Siddhi-Buddhi Sahitaya Shri Mahaganadhipataye Namah |

Akshatan Samarpayami ||

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