Cycle Heritage Quiz Registration 2022

Cycle Heritage Quiz 2022

We are pleased to announce that we are organizing the ‘Cycle Heritage Quiz’ 2022 in a virtual format this year. We, at Cycle Pure Agarbathi, take great pride in our country’s heritage and culture and have centered our company’s mission and vision around the same.

Hence, we created the ‘Cycle Heritage Quiz’ with the objective of imparting the wisdom and timeless values of our rich 5000-year old heritage to the students of this generation.

Congratulations to the Winners


Fantastic Prizes to be won.

Be a part of the rich heritage of India.

Rules of Participation for Cycle Heritage Quiz 2022

1.This quiz is open to students of classes VII - X.

2.This is an individual event. Participants should register as individuals.

3.Any number of students can participate from a single school.

4.The quiz would be held in 5 stages.

5.Stage 1 is a preliminary round that will take place on our online platform.

6.In stage 1, participants would have to take part in 3 multiple choice quizzes of 20 questions each.

7.2 of those quizzes would be general quizzes on Indian heritage.

8.1 of the quizzes would be based on the region/cluster to which participants will be allocated.

9.Cluster details of the participant will be communicated to each of the participants by email.

10.The total score of the 3 preliminary quizzes would be taken into account for qualification for Cluster Finals.

11.The top 6 in the preliminary rounds for each Cluster would qualify for the Cluster Finals. In the case of ties, the participant who completes the 3 quizzes in the least combined time would be considered.

12.All registered participants would be eligible to take part in our non-competitive activities which would enrich participants' knowledge of our heritage and culture. All registered participants would also be part of our Heritage community. All registered participants would also receive a starter pack of 30 quizzes, of 10 questions each, that would help them prepare for the competitive rounds.

13.The other non-competitive activities would comprise of:- i) A daily anagram ii) Trivia nuggets on Indian heritage and culture iii) A monthly meetup of the heritage community, where students would be encouraged to make their own presentations on our heritage and culture.

14.Even participants who do not qualify for Cluster Finals can continue to be part of our heritage community, take part in our non-competitive activities and continue to enhance their knowledge.

15.The Cluster Finals would be held over a video call on a platform such as Zoom/ Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams. The Cluster Finals would comprise of 4-5 exciting rounds consisting of a mix of text and visual-based questions.

16.In all, there would be 18 cluster finals. The top 2 from each cluster final would make it to the National Quarter Finals.

17.There would be 6 National Quarter Finals comprising 6 participants each. The National Quarter Finals would also be held over a video call and would comprise of 4-5 rounds. The top 2 from each National Quarter Final would qualify for the National Semi-Finals.

18.There would be 2 National Semi-Finals comprising 6 participants each. The National Semi-Finals would be held over video call and comprise of 5-6 rounds. The top 3 from each National Semi-Final would qualify for the National Final.

19.The National Final would comprise 6 participants and would feature 6-7 rounds.

20.At all times during the various stages of the quiz, the internet connection of the participants is their own responsibility. The organizers would not be liable for participants losing their internet connection in between attempts.

21.Participants should attempt the various stages of the quiz individually and in a quiet environment.

22.Participants should keep their video on at all times, during the video rounds of the quiz.

23.Any participant found to be using unfair means (such as Googling, getting assistance from others) would be disqualified.

24.While participating in the preliminary round, one participant should participate using only one email id. Participants found to be using multiple email ids or making multiple attempts on a quiz would be disqualified.

25.The quizmaster and organizer's decision in all matters pertaining to the quiz is final and binding.

Glimpses from the past editions of Cycle Heritage Quiz

Winners from the past editions of Cycle Heritage Quiz