Born and raised in a family of teachers in Mumbai, Farida began her professional journey as a Professor in Geology. The love for being outdoors and field studies persuaded her to get a Master's degree in the subject. Farida moved to the United States after marriage in 2013 and pursued another Master's in Geology from the University of California, San Diego. She continued to teach in high schools, community colleges, and universities. While teaching, Farida grew fond of homeschooled children. She observed that they were independent and grasped things quickly. Fascinated with their sheer love for learning, Farida realized that as a child, grades mattered the most to her. While she had enjoyed studying, it was equally important for her to score the highest. Her interactions with homeschooled kids added a fresh perspective to her academic experience. Their quick-witted and smart responses made Farida gather insights into Homeschooling. 

Hello, homeschool 

When Farida was expecting her first child, she was looking for good daycare and other assistance. But the desire to spend more time with her child and her passion to explore the world wheedled her to consider the idea of homeschooling. Awed by the performance of her homeschooled students, she wanted her kids to experience similar joy while studying without worrying about their grades. Farida wanted to bring a change – a shift from studying for ranks to studying for fun. And the change had to begin at home!

However, the decision to homeschool wasn’t easy. It took two years to thoroughly research a new method of learning and understand the responsibilities that came with it. With great support from friends and family, Farida was ready to traverse a new road in the field of education. She was full of questions and sought answers from parents who were already homeschooling their children. She learned about different ways of homeschooling and the kind of curriculum that provides her children an all-round development. She was a mother of two daughters by then and had discovered a unique way of teaching her kids at home. 

The Community 

Farida lays great emphasis on having a community of like-minded parents and people. As a homeschool mom, she believes that relevant conversations, mutual support and constant encouragement go a long way in building a better future for their children. Farida is part of a bigger community of homeschooling parents that meets and participates in different activities from time to time. Science experiments, teaching sessions by other homeschool parents and ‘park days’ add to the splendid diversity and knowledge of the community. She is also part of online groups where she gets to interact with parents and students of all ages. The result of such interactions is that Farida’s daughters beam with confidence and grace. They love homeschooling! Whether indoors or in the lap of nature, they can choose to study anywhere. They learn in the most surreal settings, amidst greens and along sparkling rivers. And when they want, they also attend classes in art, creative writing, science, music and many more! 

The Home 

Farida’s husband supports her pursuits and together, they have designed their lifestyle around homeschooling. They ensure that their conversations and actions interestingly impart knowledge and information. Farida loves how her husband, a robotic engineer by profession, steps in to help her with mathematics and other subjects. If she ever feels stuck, he’s there by her side! He’s proud that Farida chose to homeschool and often acts like the ‘principal’ of the school, making it even more fun! The environment at home is positive and congenial, which plays an integral role in homeschooling. Their daughters love books and have a well-regulated ‘screen time’.

This year, Farida and her husband were blessed with their third child, a beautiful daughter. And they want to raise her with the same values, homeschooling her way to a promising future. 

The Learnings 

Farida believes that homeschooling has made her calmer and more patient over the years. She is always trying new things and reads extensively about homeschooling and education. She watches YouTube videos, follows blogs and hails a few homeschool moms as her ‘gurus’ who have helped her along the way. She has planned her children’s curriculum after substantial research and constantly learns from the material and knowledge available in this field. 

She also says that every parent knows what’s best for their child. There are many ways of imparting education to them and homeschooling is a great way to do so! 

The 'Insta' Connect 

For Farida, Instagram is a great platform to showcase one’s skills and talents. She had a significant following much before she began homeschooling her daughters. She’s been a content creator and collaborates with different brands. Her business and marketing skills gave her a wide reach on Instagram. Farida realized the power of social media and how one has to ‘walk the talk’ after one becomes the face of any business or brand. When she began homeschooling and shared her experiences, her posts found an instant connection with many people from all walks of life and different parts of the world. Her cheerful demeanor, colorful reels and informative posts continue to attract more friends and followers in the virtual world. 

“Brings Joy”

Today, Farida has her own creative lifestyle brand called “Brings Joy”. It focuses on all the big and small things that make life joyful, like home, education, fashion, lifestyle, and others.

It also includes consultations, sessions on positive influencing, brand ambassadorship and conventions. Giving paramount importance to Women's Empowerment, Brings Joy organizes an All Women's Convention every year. It celebrates women in their different roles – as mothers, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals. 

Besides her popular presence on Instagram, Farida has also started a YouTube channel where she uploads videos about homeschooling, mindful parenting and educational activities among others. She aims at achieving an all-round education for children by empowering parents, grandparents and teachers. She's currently working on her new curriculum and the launch of her new business. 

Farida is young, cheerful and loves to explore the infinite possibilities of life. She travels the world, makes friends wherever she goes and aims to bring a change in her joyful ways. But if you ask her what she wants to be known as, she'd smile and say," a homeschool mom!" 

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