Harshita is an engineer by qualification and an artist at heart. Born and raised in Jamshedpur, she loved painting as a child but there was a clear distinction between a ‘hobby’ and a professional degree. Like any middle-class family, the aim was to find a job that provides stability and security. Setting a goal to become financially independent at the earliest, Harshita arrived in Bengaluru to pursue Electronics and Communication Engineering. Staying focused on building a career, she also continued to paint occasionally. She soon became popular for her talent in college and was motivated to create an account on Instagram that’d serve as a repository for her artwork.

Two years ago, when the nation went into a complete lockdown, Harshita was in her final year of college. With a schedule that didn’t demand much, she devoted her time to painting. Her Instagram woke up to vibrant colors, the strokes of imagination reaching a wider audience.

The 100-Day Project

With a routine that perfectly aligned with her passion, Harshita took a ‘100 Day’ project to paint every day, without fail. It was a road to self-discovery and a promise to dedicate herself to art. Unaffected by a bad day or foul mood, she sat herself down for varying lengths of time, immersed in the world of vibrant hues. With 60 paintings in 100 days, Harshita’s consistency and Instagram uploads gifted her a significant reach. Her friends amped up the virtual space with their likes and comments, attracting more viewership. By the end of the first lockdown, she finished college, landed a job, and became famous as a painter.

In the second lockdown, she took up the 100-day challenge again. There were days when she’d complete more than one painting a day. By this time, her Instagram account had a generous following. Like any sincere artist, Harshita evaluated her work before sharing it on social media. The best with intricate details went out as ‘posts’, the good ones became ‘stories’, and the average sketches were saved as ‘reels’. Her paintings reflected her honesty.

Being an Artist

For Harshita, colors are therapeutic and art is a form of meditation that helps relax and calm her mind. There is never a dull moment around it. Her paintings are a magical combination of a photographic memory and a study of reference pictures. She's inspired by nature where everything can turn into a muse.

As an artist, Harshita believes that consistency attracts an audience but the quality makes them stay. It’s important to respect the time of the viewers and followers by delivering the best. For artists, the growth and reach of their accounts are secondary to their art. Two beautiful paintings in a week are better than ten ordinary posts in a day.

“A dream come true”

With recognition comes the reward for hard work. Harshita has had her artwork displayed at popular event venues in Bengaluru, drawing crowds and praises from amateur painters and professionals alike. Every platform that showcases her splendid creations, opens a whole new world of possibilities. A few years ago, Harshita had dreamt of a day when she’d be approached by artists and brands for collaborations and promotions. Her dream has finally come true.
She has also conducted multiple online and offline workshops. With increasing participation, she looks forward to many more.

Today, Harshita chases her dreams along with a full-time job. Her routine has made room for her passion. She has recently finished working on two commissioned pieces, one of which was on a 6 ft wide canvas. She believes in asking the Universe and trusts it to respond to her desires. One year ago, nobody could've believed that she can achieve such recognition in a short time. But she had faith in the Universe, and most importantly, in herself.

Slow and Steady

Harshita is planning to pursue higher education and take the next big step in her career. She's slow and steady with her plans and exploring opportunities that'd help her grow as an artist. With devotion to her art and dedication to her profession, she has made her parents proud. Harshita is happy, content, and blissful with where she has reached in life. For an artist, that's the biggest achievement. We wish Harshita a colorful journey and hope that she continues to be an inspiration for all young artists.

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