Tanya is a young podcaster and digital marketer. She began her journey three years ago as a teenager with a keen interest in learning different skills. In 2019, Tanya couldn’t qualify for the entrance examination to her dream college in Mumbai. She was criticized and her potential to be ‘successful’ fell under unwarranted scrutiny. Being the only child and having lost her father at the age of 7, she felt responsible for her mother. Tanya also wanted to make her father proud and prove that one rejection doesn’t define her future. She picked a good college for her Bachelor’s degree and decided to take the ‘road less traveled’.

A Self-taught Star

Since Tanya loved social media and spent a considerable time watching videos and consuming online content, she wanted to convert it into a fruitful proposition. With no one to guide her, she began her research. She started as a podcaster, learning the process and details along the way. Every day, Tanya wrote to a hundred people and invited ‘self-made’ young individuals to her show, who were successful in their respective fields. The aim was to highlight people who accomplished things with sheer determination and passion. Through their stories of struggles and success, Tanya received many insights. Sometimes, she did solo podcasts to share her new learning with the viewers. She observed how bloggers, content creators, and influencers create their content and build a strong community.

In the beginning, Tanya’s Instagram posts mentioned key takeaways from her internships in multinational companies. With opportunities that she created for herself, Tanya gained experience in social media marketing and management.

She also realized that many people are struggling to understand the world of social media and its ways. Tanya helped budding artists with algorithms, ads, and video editing. Recognizing that this can also be a great idea for generating money, she decided to embark on her own ‘business’ journey as a digital marketer.

Making people famous

Her primary focus was to assist artists who possessed the talent but didn't know where and how to start. She made it her mission to help people chase their dreams and start their businesses. With time and trust, Tanya made her name in the industry.

Today, she has a team that manages brands, celebrities, artists, and bloggers with their social media handles across platforms. She begins by analyzing her client's profile and conducts a social media audit. She subsequently plans a strategy that helps them scale their account's growth and traffic. Her social media calendars for celebrities are adaptive to their long shifts and hectic schedules. Being a certified professional, Tanya now trains people in digital marketing and personal branding.

Never say Never

Having gone through that phase herself, Tanya understands that any failure can lead to self-doubt. But that's where it becomes imperative to ignite a fire inside and keep it burning. Every day, she wakes up and remembers what drives her to give her best. She fondly remembers her father and as a tribute to him, she uses his name in her own.

She is inspired by her mother’s courage and knows the value of hard work, perseverance, and consistency. With her mom’s guidance, Tanya learned to be financially independent at a young age. With a business of her own, she’s happy to have taken her mom on two self-financed trips recently!

It all starts with believing in yourself. And that's why she reiterates that exams or grades aren't life-defining. And nothing is more saddening than to succumb to the pressure of 'fitting in'.

Talking business, with a purpose

Tanya is determined to inspire youngsters and anyone who wants to build a career in social media. She derives happiness from seeing her clients getting successful in business, and finds her purpose in showing the way. She also emphasizes the need to be patient along the way. It takes time to build an audience, and for viewers and followers to trust the content or services. When Tanya began her journey three years ago, she figured that it wasn't easy to find all information in one place. Therefore, she makes quick consumption reels that provide key information in capsules.

Besides catering to popular clients, she wants to create a one-stop resource for everyone who wants to learn digital marketing and start or grow a business. She dedicatedly works towards making all information accessible to those who cannot pay for the courses or training. At 20, Tanya is transforming businesses and people's lives.

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