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  • Place incense away from flammable materials on a fire proof and heat resistance surface/incense burner.
  • Light the coated end in case of incense stick/agarbathi or the top in case of cone or sambrani, allow flame to catch; gently blow out the flame.
  • In case of wet dhoop, take the required quantity in hand and knead it well and make it into the shape of a cone before lighting the tip of the cone.


Keep the burning Incense away from inflammable material, on a fireproof and heat resistant Surface. Do not ingest and keep out of reach of pets. Use with care in a well ventilated space.

  •  Fill mould with Sambrani powder.
  •  Press into the mould with finger to compact the powder.
  •  Invert & tap the filled mould on fireproof & heat resistant cone holder provided.
  •  Light the tip of powder cone & allow flame to catch. Gently blow out the flame. Keep burning cone away from inflammable material.


Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children & pets.

 Use with care and in well ventilated spaces.


Ancient texts of India speaks about dashanga dhoopa that originates during the burning of chosen fragrant materials and herbs known for their medicinal value. Inhaling this smoke boosts health and leads to the well-being of mind and soul. It also speaks of the power of certain herbal smoke to eliminate virus and bacteria from our body.

The power of dhoopam to induce peaceful and spiritual ambience is scientifically accepted as it purifies the environment.

In a pooja ritual which has 16 steps of worship (Shodashopachara), dhoopa is offered soon after offering flowers to the deity by chanting: ‘Dasangam guggilopetham sugandhamcha sumanoharam Dhoopam dasyamithae deva Gruhana Parameshwara’.

It is believed that the Universe is made of five elements – water, earth, ether (sky), air and fire (light). To represent them water (arghya), sandal paste, flowers, dhoopam are offered and then the lamp is lit before the deity.

Nidhi Dashanga Powder Dhoopa is a combination of chosen herbs, resins and natural materials as laid down by scriptures and prepared to be a part of your journey towards the well being of mind and soul.

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