Harshan Bhaskaran31/12/2019

Wow! Awesome product. I take these to temples only. I recommend it to all those lit agar athira at home and temples.

Prakash Ingle05/09/2021

Very nice quality and long also


Ultimate product.
I regret ordering only one piece.
I should have ordered a little more.
Apart from one concern I have the product is very good.
Long lasting aroma.
Rather than bamboo stick please use some other wood.

Khaja Abdul Gani Mohammad05/06/2022

the intense is good and it lasts long for 3 hrs.and nice smell.

Sreedhara K M17/10/2022

Vibrant fragrance, we celebrated All 10days of navarathri with Cycle band Pushkarini 19" Long Agarbatti.

Thanks for the great product produced by Cycle brand