Murari Kumar01/09/2017

this is excellent product

Manoj Kumar01/09/2017

Fragrance is very-very.........delightful.

Didn't get the required quantity in single online order.

Kashinath singha.01/09/2017

what a nice product.Its aroma is so sweet I just adore.but smoky also.If smoke is minimised it will be unparralal.

Prakash Chandra Shrimali01/09/2017

Product is very good and customer service is also very good. My first order was returned by speed post. However, in couple of days, I received a phone call from customer service and they despatched fresh consignment.

Riddhi 01/09/2017

While I love this Sambrani for its strength and long lasting nature, I was not able to find it in my neighbourhood stores. Found it online and was delighted. Smooth buying experience and excellent packaging.