Ranjeet Jha23/04/2020

First Lot : Quality of fragrance was excellent.
Second Lot : Quality of fragrance was little low
Third Lot : Not yet delivered.. put it on hold .

Sanjay Haswar16/07/2020

Good product, it will be better if the cup size is little larger say 50% more of the current size.

Anand Kumar 01/08/2020

Product n quality was good recent mfg date,

Arunabha hore09/08/2020

I have used this product before also...but first time I brought through online...must say fragrance is divine...
But there is seems to be some problem with the cups..the cups are breaking and the inside stuff is spilling over..... moreover quite a number of cups are getting off automatically and have to re-ignited

N Venkataraman 29/08/2020

Overall good
Sambrani fragrance can be improved
The holding cup smoke is more