Meenakshi Sundaram07/09/2019

Costlier,the aroma was gone out in a short period.

Ashok Agarwal13/09/2019

Price too high cost should be less

Surender Varmani 22/12/2019

It is good cup of agarbatti, but it gives lots of smoke. So everyone don't like it.

Ankit sharma16/01/2020

I thought it is like incence stick like but it is creating lots of smoke which is making unable to stand even.
Sorry may be its mine own issue but it is.

Deepika Gautam15/07/2020

you should first give information about the material used in the sambrani as I want to compare which one is a better cup in the market. it's really important to know that what we are burning in our home so kindly provide ingredients of sambrani.