Wonderful product. Worth the price. Lovely aroma

Nand Kumar Menon Menon20/01/2018

Very clean and safe packing and nice product. Its better than any dhoop cups available in the market. I have been using it for a long time.

Kiran S14/02/2018

Naivedya Sambrani is one of the best puja product I have purchased.
It increases the sanctity at my puja area making my puja experience memorable.
'Naivedya Sambrani- Feel the divinity, breathe sanctity'

VK Hema05/03/2018

I am a regular buyer,This is one of the best products I ever used.

Nayana PV07/03/2018

Naivedya cup sambrani will create divine atmosphere...
kind of attachment with this packaging design, so i use to keep introduse this product to all my relatives and frients..;-)