Product is good but navin sabrani is better then this.


Product is good but neither easily available and even company online ordering is a waste of time

KK Ahm04/12/2017

Product was outstanding till few months back, but now the quality has detoriated:
The Charcoal cups are very poor quality, it burnt my fingers also once since the new cups are rough in finishing and hence it looses it binding.
Also the cups are only half filled with material(Guggl).


Product was good, Since am little bit disspointed the product was getting it through online 10 boxes as you are sold it in the MRP.
The same product if we getting it from local shop less than the MRP so there is no use to buy the product to directly from you.

Bhavesh Meghani28/07/2018

Does not last long + it is very difficult to light the cone,
also quality/bonding of the cone is too soft, it breaks while pulling out from the packing stand inside the box.