Anjali Lakshmanan09/10/2018

Hi , I had ordered 3 diff fragrance , sandal was the best , apple cinnamon was ok .

Gabriella Kharpuri09/10/2018

Really loved the product.... I definitely Would come around to buy them again.... Just few things that I would like to recommend, that the product should last for 30 at least and for the scent to be a bit more stronger..... Otherwise overall, I'm happy with the product

Sonat Sebastian12/10/2021

Good product. Blue berry is my favorite. Always feel fresh.

Himswetha Goyal20/09/2018

I had ordered for 5 different fragrance. Some were awesome n some ok ok so i felt satisfied. But I suggest u guys must make them stronger as u r a well known brand now. All india climate changes so dues the moisture in wardrobes that leads to smell. Kindly work on it.


Fine products, I would like to try more and other room/ wardrobe fresheners as well..
My honest feedback is : it should be bit more strong and stay bit longer than just 20days...that would be value for money.