Tapi Samachar09/07/2021

I m not satisfied with the product. It's not good as I expected with name tag and trust of CYCLE Brand. Pls improve it

R K Kashyap26/10/2021

Cost wise is same as that of aer of godrej but fragrances are not lasting more than a week or 10days where as the fragrance of sachet of art lasts for a month. Some sachets have no fragrance

Bharat Shah 16/12/2021

Rose fragrance sachet - the aroma did not last even for a few days. Initial fragrance ok.


Not satisfied with this product
Fragrance is only in pouch
Not good for room

Team Cycle Pure
Dear Sandeep

We're sorry to hear that the product didn't work to your expectations. As mentioned in the product listing, this product is suitable for small spaces such as wardrobes, cupboards, drawers and travel bags.

The wrost product that I don't expect from cycle brand....It's very bad

Team Cycle Pure
As per our customer care team's discussion with you, you had mentioned that you had been using IRIS Fragrance Sachet inside your car. IRIS Fragrance sachet is not suitable for large areas but ideal for fragrancing small closed spaces like wardrobes, drawers etc. Please use the product as per its intended use and let us know your further feedback.