Christina 13/08/2020

The packing is very bad..but i dont see the product is neither defective nor was good product.

Deepak Bhholusaria14/11/2020

Ocean dream is the best one. Chandan is very mild and does not leave its impact.

Vaibhav Jain04/01/2018

The fragrance isn't that great. There are better options available in the market for same price.
I bought "Amber Rose" and not that happy with it. Even after adding in double the drops than other brand oils, the fragrance isnt very strong.

Vishwa Nath Pandey15/12/2020

Sir, The products are good, but not to my expectations and your fame.

Auresh Saxena24/09/2018

Ok kind I bought Lavender one. Using x2 as per instructions. But not that good as per other in market. Will check once more but other than lavender