Hari Krishnan01/06/2021

I could get only Fire when I ordered since the other makes were out of stock. The one I purchased is good and would like to experience the other brands. Please ensure availability of stock uninterupptedly.

Prakash mathur10/08/2021

All the products are oof very good quality,I am using products of cycle for last so many years.

S Venkateswatan14/10/2021

Great Super.Using Your products for generattions


I recently bought these 4 one . initially I thought waste of money.but after lightening a realized my money not wasted.completley refreshing fragrance soothes your mind . it's really a calming effect.wonderful,

Gururaj sudhindra02/11/2021

Amogha -Earth wonderful Incense sticks, like it very much