Sheetal Rothe19/10/2020

Good product. But package said free 50gm brick inside pack but no free brick included in pack. If you don't want to give freebies then why you mentioned on outer packet.

Team Cycle Pure
Please refer to the pack contents mentioned on the website: 3 Nos Stop-O Toilet Brick (50g each), 1 No. Stop-O Toilet Brick (50g) - Free. Total 4 scented bricks inclusive of the free one.
Hemant Singh 07/03/2018

Not up-to the mark such like other product under flagship of cycle brand.

P R Natarajan 06/08/2020

The fragrance is not adequate. Practically it's presence is not felt. It does not make any difference whether it is there or not.

Adhiraj Kapoor24/09/2021

Hardly any fragrance. Not so good


Not much scented. Couldn't freshen my room or bathroom either. Not satisfied.