Pranav Dhanapal19/11/2018

The smell of oil is authentic and closely resembles that of the original flower. However, it is a little mild and several lamp wicks have to be burnt simultaneously to get the aroma in the atmosphere. If it is possible to make the smell stronger when burnt, if would be fantastic.

bimal 17/02/2019

Satisfied. It gives good feeling.

Umesh Shah21/02/2019

A good product. Using it for first time.
Mild aroma of parijat really make difference. Price is high. It should be reduced.

Sandip Bhise19/11/2018

First of all Congrats for Parijat Oil..Concept as it's rare. Aroma is Mild as it's flower ..But as one posted.its so mild that one can out guess it's PARIJAT'S Aroma..
Make it more pragmatic..
You Should also Try for PARIJAT'S Perfume..I would be the 1st Customer.

Ravindra Patel15/09/2017

Useless product. There no fragrance in oil.