Gaurav Gupta05/07/2018

I did read the reviews before ordering the product and that made me decide to order the larger pack insted of the smaller one even for first time testing. I don't regret it at all. Is worth every single penny and the effort of Cycle team to bring out sucha outstanding product. It seems that these people are running a company and they understand that it is related to hindu beliefs so the product quality is maintained. I was daam impressed with the shipped package, they bubble wrapped the plastic bottle in an appropriate cardboard box and FedExed it.. i mean FedEx a single product .. very commendable. The bottle is a very convenient design easy to hold and pour. It pours out perfectly without spill or rush and after pouring when i tilt it back no drip to create a mess. Keep it up.. you have delighted me in my prayer process and this is really a magnificent thing May God Bless you CYCLE.

Ashish Bal Singh29/08/2018

Is a very good product Thanks to provid best quality

Vishwanath Verma08/10/2018

Nice product, was looking for this since long.finally got it through cycle. tnanks ..

Ravi Trivedi01/11/2018

In my opinion it is pure ( sudha)
Jasmine oil which can be used specially for lord Hanuman pooja.

Gautam Mitra08/01/2019

I have been using the Jasmine puja oil for nearly one year. I find it extremely good.