Sandesh Rao29/01/2021

I've been trying different incense sticks from my childhood.
This one is one of the best.
Along with this I also tried Asli Bakhoor & Ambience.
The fragrance is soothing & remains for many hours.

Hetal Yagnik30/01/2021

Best product. But increase the of sticks plz.

Shabbir Pathanwala04/02/2021

Ok,it's nice experience
Please I prefer some Arabic and pure fragrance like BUKHUR batti....made it from pure materials

Shahabuddin Khan04/03/2021

It's Oudh, indeed. This is the fragrance so nostalgic, mood elevating and eternal. Its reminiscent of the smell that I come across with shops who light it in the middle East. So soothing, beautiful!


Nothing to say about Cycle's agarbattis. Specially the Oudh. When I light this agarbati, I feel a wonderful joy in my mind.
Please buy it and get joy and a cheerful mind.