Gurpreet Singh31/12/2021

Great product and good finish. Aesthetically it pleases the eye and it's not over-priced, but there are some flaws -
1. The ash catcher should be a little wider. Some ash from incense sticks which are tilted a bit will fall outside the ash catcher. It's fine for straight incense sticks though.
2. There are some burnt marks now on the ash catcher from parts which fall from the incense sticks which aren't completely burnt. And since it's made from wood, those burnt marks are permanent.
But for the price at which it's offered I think these can be over-looked.


Better price and design good

Joseph Thomas 16/08/2022

Quality & finish is good. But base need to be wider otherwise don't serve purpose for which it is bought.


The base is so small that ash falls outside. The material used is very good. The diameter if increased by another inch will do the job.

Aditi 13/02/2023

Design of product is good but if ash tray is slightly bigger it would be great