Sanjay Haswar16/07/2020

Good product. Mild fragrance.


It's good smelling feeling basic notes of Chandan but it's burning times vary between 10-12 minutes please make it more material added to increase burning time.

Brij Gupta28/08/2019

Chandnam comet is better than jasmine but it is artificial. I want original chandanam fragrance

Dr. Gangadhar08/01/2019

I was so up set ,after burning the cones , i was very founder and lover of pure chandan smell,but in your chandan cone no chandan at all. Only mud ell is coming, why cant you increase pure chandan qulity and increase the rate. Cycle brand is famoues but this cones are like normal company preparation . Pl give good arometic and pure smell cone with increased rate.

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your feedback. Based on your comments, our local executive has now replaced the product for you.
Lakshay Jain23/10/2018

Bad product with bad fragrance from cycle brand, very bad experience, I never expected this type of product from cycle brand.