Rakesh Pandey21/09/2021

Fragrance is mild and don't feel like sandal scent it should be more strong and authentic

Sunil kumar Shukla22/04/2022

Please arrange only on natural Fragrances
Just like chandan,gulab,chameli, kewada,khus,hina
जो लगाने में अच्छा लगता है वहीं जलाने पर सूंघने में भी अच्छा लगता है और फैलता भी है, बाकी सब तो बेवकूफ़ बनाने के रास्ते है l


All cycle products are of great quality. That's the reason we are using it for many years. Even though rhythm incense cones are not available widely in shops & supermarkets, we are ordering through online. But one surprising drawback is that when we buy from shops, we are getting some discounted price from MRP even for 1 box, but even when we purchase bulk boxes through direct manufacturer and seller, actual MRP is collected, which is really shocking.

Padmanabha Karkera 20/05/2022

Fragrance is not as good as earlier.

Lakshay Jain30/10/2018

Bad product with bad fragrance, very bad experience with this product, I never expected this type of product from cycle brand.