JAYITA DE23/09/2020

Very good delivery and packaging. Really impressive. Products are too good. Loved it

Udaypratap Jatav26/09/2020

These are very good.
Is it possible to provide it in a pack of having more than 90?

Ravikanth Vasudeva26/09/2020

A very good product, burns with less smoke.

Mayank Doshi23/10/2020

Om Shanthi pure camphor is a very nice product. Can you make it to big quantity with a big container, as presently the container and the quantity seems to be very less. Because I daily use 10 pieces of camphor. If the camphor is purchased in bulk then may be it will be much cheaper for your regular customers.

Deepesh Dave27/10/2020

Very satisfied with the product quality. Have tried multiple camphor brands and this is the best.