Jula is awesome & I find words insufficient to describe its beauty.More over it is detachable & easy to store & carry.Thank you for the beautifulproduct,I request to launch more such beautiful products for puja,i have purchased 2 no's,for me & my parents.Many of our relatives are now asking for the Jula.It is the best one can give to newly weds.


awesome. easy assembly. simple engineering. very good product.

Mrinalini Sharma 12/12/2018

Excellent. Loved the quality and finishing. Very beautiful at a reasonable rate.

Satisfied customer17/01/2019

I'm delighted to receive this product. I had been searching for a jhula since a long time, my friend had gifted me a ladoo gopal statue from Matura. The finishing is awesome, packaging was good.Thank you to the artisans & the company for making such a fabulous product.My joy knows no bounds today!!

GauravĀ Gupta04/02/2019

This is an excellent jhula for bal gopal ji. I have searched extensively on the internet but I could not find a better model. Truly superb product.