Ashok Nimbark12/08/2019

What is the SIZE OF Bethak of Jhula? ( size of bal gopal seat)?

Team Cycle Pure
Seat Size is 5.11 inch (length) x 3.42 inch (breadth). For better clarity, we have added additional images with size indicated. Please refer to additional images.
Siddhi Prabhukonkar Naik21/08/2019

5 stars....I have no words other than excellent.... 5 stars... It's a little shaky n some minor scarped out piece but superb.... excellent fast delivery... i wanted it urgently as I saw it last moment on their site n jamnashtami on 23rd so I was worried... but if you want the cutest n elegant jhula for ur Krishna or any other God..close ur eyes n go for it.... perfect.... 5 stars again

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your excellent feedback. Once you adjust the knobs by tightening/loosening, you can completely arrest the shake (by ensuring complete standing level). Please refer to the instructions manual on adjusting the screw knobs.
Rajendra pawar17/09/2019

The finishing and quality of jhula is best I liked it.I appreciate the

Arshiyabanu 30/09/2020

Very good and nice product


Hi Weight of the jhoola pls.

Team Cycle Pure
Box weight is 660grams.