Meenakshi Devi25/08/2018

I'm fond of Lord Krishna. I had brought a Baby Krishna Idol from Mathura and was looking for a cradle/swing kind of a thing to keep the idol. When I came across this Jhula, I could not think of a better option. This wooden Jhula is very cute and beautiful. Workmanship is excellent. It stands firmly on the ground, usually such products will come with imbalancing (doesn't stand firmly on the ground) issues but not this Jhula.

I would look forward to other products like decorative wooden wall hangings, wall mounting corner stands, etc..which gives the house beautiful look.

Anupama Bhagwan 28/08/2018

The dismantlable jhoola is beautiful. The packing in which It comes is equally good.
I am happy I bought it.
Thank-you CYCLE for this master piece.

Amrutha B S29/08/2018

This is one of the best cradle, cute and handy for every Gokalashtami festival. Kids just adore decorating & swinging baby Krishna, ready to crawl!

Happy Janmashtami celebrations & thank you CYCLE for this beautiful handcrafted Wooden Jhula for the Lord.

Tuhina J01/09/2018

One of the most beautiful and cute cradle. The colour is excellent and each piece of wood has a light smell of scent in them. The cradle is same as displayed in the image. Adn i am so happy with a beautiful and a balanced jhula. This is surely a master piece.

Usha prasad15/09/2018

Wooden jhoola is one of the beautiful Craftsmanship.Very nicely made ,light to carry and stable . I really appreciated the Idea of bringing jhoola online . Thanks .