Anil Lalwani16/07/2020

Product is good but size is very small, company should add a product with double the size and charge more for it

Vignesh Lotlekar01/09/2020

My parents love this product !

Lalitha Ravichandran18/06/2019

Kindly note that residue of wax left after burning of ghee diya.
Smell of ghee burning is less when compared with ghee light prepared at home

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you Lalitha for your feedback. Please note that there is no wax in our ghee diya. We are only using solidifiers to ensure that the ghee diya retains its shape in ambient conditions.
Aditi Saraf05/12/2018

It is convenient but the sad part is after using the product all these days - feel that it burns out before the entire ghee is used. So less time and wastage.


Good but doesn't last for long. No base OF diya available