Virendra Bansal13/01/2019

Waste of money. No fragrance. No one believed, that i used it in my car. Such useless products shouldbe tested first. Frankly, i expect refund

Team Cycle Pure
We regret that you didn't like the product. Our local representative had been trying to reach the number that you've provided in your order for product replacement. Kindly contact our customer care to assist in product replacement. Thank you.
K R SRIDHAR23/02/2019

The worst car perfume. There no smell / fragrance at all in any of the 3 varieties I purchased. disappointing to say the least.

Somesh Dahuja05/04/2019

Third class quality.... Leaves stains wherever it is Sprayed.

Team Cycle Pure
Hi Somesh. Thank you for the feedback. As clearly written in the instructions of use please spray to the floor mat only below the AC vent. Do not spray to car dashboard or other surfaces.

Not much expected and little expensive

Pranjal Srivastava24/06/2019

Disgusting product and extremely poor performance.
Worst ever car air freshner,i've come across.