Need to improve
It’s not long lasting
But fragrance is good

Soumen Basu04/08/2020

The fragrance of the product is excellent but using it as a car perfume spray is a concern because it leaves an oily mark if it falls in any surface.. You have to wipe it off!

Team Cycle Pure
The recommended way to use this product is to apply on the floor mat. Please do not spray this on to the dashboard or any other surface.
Prashant Jadhav20/03/2019

Ok...but doesn't last for long duration....

Chanakya Vishnugupta01/04/2019

Not as expected, needs improvement. Thanks.

Vijayakumar Musale08/06/2019

Fragrance is good, but not long lasting. Within half an hour the smell disappears.
Expected a lot as it is from one of the renowned producer, but disappointed.