Jagjeet Singh Chawla02/11/2021

I bought this fragrance without knowing how it smells and just bought Amber Spice. On first usage I didn't liked but later as it settled down, it was absolutely amazing and this fragrance has grown on me over the time. Somehow I also got lavender fragrance from the store and it's also a great fragrance. But I personally like amber spice, it's long lasting and has luxury fragrance vibes.

Radhakrishna Mallya Ullal22/11/2021

What a difference it made to my car! Excellent perfume and makes driving a pleasure. I used the spray in the car and got back home, and my wife commented the plesant perfume even came as i went inside! Thank you for this nice product.


Wonderful product. Lasts a little longer and pleasant smell. Will recommend to everyone


Product as such is good but when I sprayed it inside my car, the seats got oily and so I now spray on the floor mats.

Team Cycle Pure
Spraying towards floor mat is the correct procedure. This is indicated in the Directions to Use tab. Thank you for purchasing from Cycle.in
Saurabh Yadav03/12/2019

The product really smells good, I have a light cream color car interior when we spray this, it leaves very light stain wherever it's sprayed, Make sure you spray it on darker part or just near your foot controls. The rest is cool.

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your feedback. The recommended way is to spray it towards the floor mat.