Shrikant Upalekar30/06/2020

Nice, but should be little bigger size

pragya agarwal27/07/2020

batti is very weak and i think it requires little more of twisting.but overall good.

R Sai Srinivas 24/08/2020

I have the same opinion as Bindumol "The wicks are very very weak...and easily torn off if we touch gently...but the packaging and the price is satisfied... "

Purvi Mistry22/09/2020

The wicks are of good quality and ideal size for oil lamps.

Dr Soumya Ranjan Khatua15/05/2019

Price is high compared to product and the wick are weak in nature ,
And quantity is less what we r getting in market in RS 10 is much more in no. than this wick packet.