what is dhuno? please write in details or upload more images some people can't understand. thanks

Team Cycle Pure
You can now refer to the How to Use Video to know more about using Om Shanthi Pure Dhuno.
P Deb Burman 06/12/2018

Good quality dhuna powder for normal use and for sprinkling inside empty dhuna sambrani cups and charcoal tablets. It can be improved further and 500 GM packs also made.

JOYDEEP NATH26/06/2020

Good but the Dhuno Quality could be even better.


U did not give proper information about ingredients used in this duno. U should hv give more information so we can compare this with smbharni available online

Pragya Debburman29/07/2020

Sorry to say but this is the worst blend of dhuno. Durgeshwari is better, this has barely any good blend of guggul, frankincense or dhuna and smells of only smoke and rubber. Quality ingredients need to be added. Won't recommend this at all.