The product doesn't burns properly. The fragrance is good

Team Cycle Pure
Dear Venkatachala. Thank you for sharing your feedback. If the product isn't burning properly, it may be that the kneading isn't done enough to make the dhoop dough soft. Please refer to the Video section of the product to refer to the kneading process.

A free sample of Parampara wet dhoop has also been sent to you. We hope you might like this product.

it's burns eyes this is main issue.
also after knead well it's go off.
fragrance is good.

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your feedback. Please keep the thickness of the wet dhoop after kneading to the same size as your index finger tip and try. This is the optimal thickness so that it would burn without going off.
Rakesh kaul28/08/2020

This hawan dhoop needs more improvement. Difficult to light. Does not burn fully. Unlike other wet dhoop this splutters sometimes and gives out burning embers.


It has really nice and holy fragrance ,I feel very during the day!!!

Sidhartha 23/10/2020

Not very good....its too much smoke and the incense is not is synthetic