Rakesh kaul28/08/2020

This hawan dhoop needs more improvement. Difficult to light. Does not burn fully. Unlike other wet dhoop this splutters sometimes and gives out burning embers.


It has really nice and holy fragrance ,I feel very during the day!!!

Sidhartha 23/10/2020

Not very good....its too much smoke and the incense is not natural....it is synthetic


The one I received was very stiff to knead. Not very happy with the product.


Its of no use its really waste of money you need kneed to get it in shape and again when you lit with fire it goes for sometime and again goes off this is really a pain to finish this product really not my cup of tea its not worth

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your feedback. Wet dhoops are to be kneaded before use. This is mentioned in the "Direction for Use". If kneaded well, the dhoop should become soft and would burn completely.