It's not Continuiesly burning ...


Bad product I have purchased.


The product was not upto the mark, even the fregrance is not as good as it is mentioned on th site,it was a really bad experience and would not like to buy this particular product in future.


It goes off in every 2/3 minutes.
To burn 1 piece, I had to light it 7/8 times.
Fragrance is Not that great either.
A suggestion: either prepare conical shape of this or, make it thinner. It has too much of laxative which doesn't help to burn for long time.
I am Not purchasing it any more.

Team Cycle Pure
To ensure seamless burning, please knead wet dhoops well and make into a thin uniform cone.
Anil Israni07/11/2020

All other products are fine but this wet dhoop does not burn it goes off after few minutes of burning.
Need replacement for 2 packets supplied.