Shrikant Upalekar05/07/2022

Good product, but do not burn continuously

rajesh singhal09/08/2022

Nice last long fragrance also good

Supreeth SR13/02/2019

Bought both the variants from Mysore store . Fragrance is really good. But what's disappointing is that the school gets off every 2 mins. I had to light it 5 times. Could you pls make a video on how to use it. Am an ardent fan of your products, but for the first time am slightly disappointed. Pls make a video on how to use it.

Team Cycle Pure
Dear Supreeth, thank you for your feedback. As requested by you, we've uploaded a video tab to the product which details the right way to use our wet dhoop. Thank you for your patronage.
राजेश गुप्ता17/02/2019

वेहतरीन खुशबू मन प्रसन्न हो गया


Fragrance s are very good but here we are not getting any discount like other online sites are giving cycle should look after this and by this act they will get more and more responses from customers this is the only part I am concerning and overall experience was good