First of all, fragrance is awesome.
But, problem with wet dhoop is we have to make cones by mixing it, with that hands getting contaminated with chemicals and not getting rid of even cleaning hands several times.
Do that mixing from your side and make it like sticks.

Charan M.S.20/12/2020

The fragrance is good. But there is one thing which was annoying. This being a wet dhoop, it was frequently getting extingquished. It needed either a constant fanning or frequent lighting up. Else, it would remain half burnt. Other than this, the fragrance is good.

Kala Subramanyam28/11/2020

Lighting this dhoop is difficult. It doesn’t burn easily. May be a little bit thinner and added fragrance would be nice

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you Sir for your review.
The usage video is available on the product page .
Please do view the video and let us have your feedback.
Rajesh Verma14/10/2019

It's smell is too strong. I don't like it. Also it's ash is unable to withstand on own weight which result in scattering of Ash.

AH Srinivasan29/08/2020

Not so good as expected. Dhoop put off quickly in sometime and doesn't burn till the end.