Raju Puntambekar03/09/2019

It's good, bit costly compared to market price. I hope it's one piece wooden plank, I am not sure

Ranganathan Venkataraman10/09/2019

Cycle Brand deserves my heartiest congratulations for coming out with useful things towards the external prayer process.

The Asana is light in weight and quite comfortable and the finish is excellent, delivering a sleek product for the end-user. The choice of wood is good as well.

However, the wood appears to be a joint one in the centre ie it does not appear to be one piece. If it is not a single piece of wood, then it may not be right product, ideally, for usage in terms of the external process in prayers.

Secondly, if you can increase the size a little bigger it will be very comfortable for grown-up people. This product size is very good for young children.

Do not feel constrained by price, as discerning customers do not get good products like this in the market.

Kudos to Shri Ranga Rao legacy carried on by Gen Next.


Good product but needs to increase the size as the size seems to be very less. Also there should not be any crack in the wood.