Very nice product bu Cycle Agarbattis. After burning the wet dhoop, the surrounding becomes aromatic...spiritual feelings arises. This is the second time I am placing the order for Parampara Dhoop.

Atanu Mukherjee09/03/2021

There is no such thing as ultimate good or ultimate bad in this nature. The good or bad qualities of an object are determined by mutual comparison. In particular, the quality of the materials used by the human are judged on the basis of human taste and value. The quality of the "Parampara" wet incense is very beautiful according to the price.

Rajendra Prasad Joshi10/03/2021

Very nice product good and while praying time feeling very spiritual

SAKTHIVEL R13/03/2021

Product in good, but packaging is worst.

Swapneel EMBALWAR 12/04/2021

Great fragrance guys.